Month: January 2016

View Model Navigation by Convention in MVVM Light

Having not used MVVM Light for a while, I came back to it recently to put together a small Xamarin.Android app. It’s a great toolkit and I’d forgotten just how quickly you can get up-and-running with navigation, bindings and tests.

When it comes to hooking up the NavigationService, i’ve started to adopt a view model navigation pattern that differs from the usual MVVM Light navigation examples.

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Think Hexagonal Architecture for Cross-Platform Mobile Applications

N-tier or layered architectures have become so common for software applications over recent years that practical examples of an alternative in serious use can be hard to come by. I find that people are so used to thinking in terms of tiers and layers that they don’t necessarily consider that there may be an alternative way to think about their own applications.

I would argue that many cross-platform mobile applications are being built in a way that more closely resemble a Hexagonal Architecture.

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