Presenting at SWmobile

In the build-up to speaking at Xamarin Evolve, I presented an early draft of my Test Automation in Practice talk at the Bristol and Bath based SWmobile group last week.

600_446951655It was the first time that i’ve attended one of SWmobile’s meetups. Talk aside, it was a fun night. The group are a good bunch and there was a nice atmosphere with lots of enthusiasm before and during the talks and of course in the pub afterwards!

The talk itself was well received. As we plan to do at Evolve, I presented with Kev West, as we ping-ponged between the theory behind our test automation strategy and some concrete examples.

The questions and discussion afterwards helped to confirm that the key points had got across. It’s always a relief when you have been so close to the content to know that the narrative makes sense to others!

We got some great feedback and now there is plenty of polish and fine tuning that we can work on before we get to Evolve where we will be one of the talks that cover App Testing and Monitoring for Enterprise Developers.



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