Talk: Test Automation in Practice with Xamarin Test Cloud

This is a talk I did for the SWmobile group with Kevin West back in February 2016. The practical advice from the talk is covered in 5 Common Pitfalls of UI Test Automation.

Why do UI Automation projects often fail? With many automated test frameworks, getting started with your first few tests is the easy part. Building a sustainable, flexible test suite that gives you valuable data on the quality of your applications can be daunting to say the least.

Let us take you from those first few tests to an end-to-end BDD process that has become part of our everyday work. Discover how having rejected the idea of a dedicated QA team, the core development team take responsibility for quality and invest in a process that delivers value for them.

Learn how Test Cloud solves many of the issues that typically derail automation projects, how to handle ongoing maintenance, how to maximise test reuse between platforms and how adopting the Page Object pattern can help build test cases that can handle even a complete UI redesign with ease.


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